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The Ram 2500 CNG Is Diversifying This Year

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Ram 2500 CNG

The Ram 2500 CNG

Before, customers interested in a Ram 2500 CNG could only get it with four-wheel drive on the crew cab configuration. That setup, while good for many, did not resolve every customer’s needs. As such, Ram has decided to take the compressed natural gas option to more variants of the Ram 2500—to the regular cab trucks and models with two-wheel drive.

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The Ram 2500 CNG is a bi-fuel model, meaning it can run on both traditional gasoline as we know it and compressed natural gas. If you’ve been impressed with gas prices over the last six months, you’ll really appreciate the cost of CNG. On average, it’s about 14% cheaper than gasoline, even at current low prices.

The heavy duty Ram truck CNG model is motivated by a 5.7-liter HEMI V8. It comes with a CNG tank that holds the equivalent of 18.2 gallons of gas; drivers can choose between 8- and 32-gallon gasoline fuel tanks. On CNG alone, the bi-fuel Ram 2500 can travel 301 highway miles between fill-ups. Using traditional gasoline extends that range to 966 miles.

Wondering where you can fill up? You can check out a map of current stations to see if there are enough in your area to make the Ram 2500 CNG practical. To no one’s surprise, SoCal is riddled with them, but the South, Midwest, and New England all have a large amount available as well. The Dakotas and Montana are the states that pose the largest problem currently. At time of publication, there are 815 public CNG stations here in the United States.

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The 2015 Ram 2500 CNG is available for ordering now.