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World’s Largest Junkyard Is Seriously Beautiful

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Old Car City Tree Through Bumper

Old Car City is a haven of old cars

There are few things in this world that can truly capture the eye—and the heart—of a car lover more than an old classic. Whether it’s an old-school Packard, a rowdy Studebaker, or some old European treasure, classic cars are the heart of the automotive industry.

If you think these vehicles are wondrous in working condition—and pretty useless when they’re not working—think again.

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Old Car City Tree Through Hood

Nestled among the trees in White, Georgia, are 34 acres of automotive heaven. Camouflaged among the vibrant green landscape are Packards, Hudsons, AMCs, Studebakers, and other classic cars that have become one with nature as part of Old Car City.

Old Car City Front Seat No Door

Through a combination of old automobiles and some lush greenery, Old Car City manages to appeal to nature lovers and gear heads alike. Trees grow through the hoods of cars, taking the place of the gigantic iron blocks that would normally sit there; bushes literally grow through the floor of old station wagons. There are even a few animals that make their home in an old-school America classic that you would typically spend top-dollar on.

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Old Car City VW Bus and Tree

Old Car City originated as a dealership in 1931, and is now home to over 4,000 cars. All of these vehicles are older than 1975, making the Georgian yard the largest known classic car junkyard in the entire universe. While it might be called a “junk” yard, it is anything but—some might even say it’s one of the automotive wonders of the world.

So the next time you find yourself in Georgia, and you’re craving some good-old classic cars, stop in White to see the Old Car City.

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