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Thieves Steal Chevy Trailblazer and the Casket-Carrying U-Haul Attached

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Trailblazer and U-Haul

The vehicle and U-Haul that were stolen
Photo: KOAT 7 News

A strange crime story just surfaced from New Mexico. A woman and her husband were on their way from Oklahoma to Kirtland, New Mexico, to bury the woman’s father. On Monday morning, someone stole their 2005 Chevy Trailblazer SUV from a Residence Inn parking lot—including the attached U-Haul with a casket inside.

Did the hijackers just need a ride and couldn’t find one? Did they not have smartphone access to Maven or Lyft ride share services? Maybe they were oblivious about the contents of the trailer and thought it contained someone’s dorm room contents that they could sell for a profit. Then, halfway through the ride they realized what the trailer contained.

The reason behind the heist remains unknown. However, Albuquerque police did find the vehicle about three hours after it was stolen, close to the Residence Inn where it had been originally parked. Thankfully, the casket with the body was still intact.

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It appears that not just one but three thieves were involved with the crime. Police believe they have nabbed the suspects responsible for the incident; they apprehended a red truck for recklessly driving and almost running over a deputy. Local eyewitness stated that they saw the same red truck at the scene of the crime before the Chevy Trailblazer and U-Haul were stolen Monday morning.

U-Haul might want to consider adding a “casket insurance” fee to their rentals along with an armed security guard to drive behind the trailer, to help deter any future casket-related thefts.

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