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This 2001 Toyota Echo Is a Steal (Or Is It?)

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The 2001 Toyota Echo sedan

The 2001 Toyota Echo sedan

Imagine scoring a car for the low sum of $50. Well, some lucky driver in Montreal did just that with a 2001 Toyota Echo listed on Kijiji—a Canadian website full of free classified ads, much like Craigslist.

The Toyota Echo, which had 201,436 kilometers on the odometer at the time of listing, sounded well worth its low price tag. The ad didn’t have a picture of the actual car, because at the time of posting, the car was stuck in a snow bank. According to the poster, this was a frequent occurrence, and the Echo was great for getting stuck in snow.

Instead of using a stock photo of the car, the seller decided to post a couple of pictures of his dog, who peed in the car frequently. The smell of urine wasn’t too bad, though, if you rolled down the windows and drove really fast. Additionally, the car had cracks in the windshield from when the owner took his frustration out on it when it was stuck in snow last year.

Presumably, the new owner will need to invest in some good snow tires for Montreal’s fierce winter weather, but on the plus side, the car came with new brakes that the owner felt he was pressured into buying last year. The new owner will also have to replace the battery, since the previous owner’s girlfriend had a habit of leaving the headlights on.

Despite its shortcomings, $50 was still one heck of a deal for a car. Hopefully, the new owner jumped on the deal before the price went up, which the previous owner warned would happen every time the snow-trapped car received a ticket.

Source: Buzzfeed