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This Brain-Controlled Car is Seriously Awesome

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Brain-Controlled Car

Chinese researchers have created a brain-controlled car
Photo: YouTube

Move over, self-driving cars. This brain-controlled car is about to take your spotlight. While Google has been working on its autonomous cars, a team of Chinese researchers has been working on a car that moves with a single thought. After two years of work, China’s first ever brain-controlled car is finally ready to strut its stuff.

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During a demonstration at Nankai University in the northeast Chinese city of Tianjin, the team showed how the car can move through brain control. The video, which you can view below, shows the car moving in a straight line, reversing, slowing to a stop, and locking and unlocking without anyone touching a single pedal or steering wheel.

VIDEO: Brain-Controlled Car Test Demonstration

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The technology was developed with the help of Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motor. It uses a control unit that fits on the driver’s head with 16 sensors that record the electroencephalogram (EEG) signals from the brain. Through these signals, which are wirelessly sent to a computer program that filters out the necessary signals, the driver can easily control the car with his or her brain.

Research Zhang Zhao said, “The core of the whole flow is to process the EEG signals, which is done on the computer.”

Though the car is only capable of driving in a straight line right now, it could potentially change lanes and turn in the future.

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