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This Road Non-Rage Incident Will Restore Some of Your Faith in Humanity

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I'm So Sorry

You have likely seen your fair share of videos that begin with someone getting cut off on a freeway and inexplicably end with fisticuffs, screaming, or an accident. Road rage ain’t pretty—even when it’s perfect karma—and these videos can easily leave even the most quick-to-anger viewer with the lingering question of just how these people manage to let things escalate so quickly.

And then there’s this video, where the questions you walk away with are of a completely different nature:

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In the above video—entitled “Road Rage…wait…what???”—YouTuber HaloMasterMind117 makes a left turn out of a red light and notices a Ford F-150 drifting a bit too close for comfort. He lays on the horn, as one would in this situation, and the truck moves aside and speeds ahead.

The video skips forward to the truck and HMM117’s car stopping side-by-side at a light. When we hear a window being rolled down, it is easy to anticipate screaming and obscenities. However, what we get is…an apology. And a very sincere one!

Thank You for Beeping at Me

The woman not only apologizes for drifting, but she thanks the driver of the car for beeping at him. Once he’s rolled the window up, he muses to himself, “I have to say, ‘thank you for beeping at me’ is something I’ve never heard somebody say to me.” Clearly, this guy has never found himself in a singles bar populated almost exclusively by people cosplaying as R2-D2.

Beeps Provocatively

The most important question here does not pertain to why this woman was so apologetic and polite—they’re in Georgia, it’s called Southern Hospitality, y’all. The realest question: why is this dude driving around listening to a video from 2009 of celebrities like Michael Douglas and Whoopi Goldberg reading the Declaration of Independence?

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The world may never know.

Via: Jalopnik

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