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Three Arrested After Cheese Truck Heist Ends in Rollover

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How much do you love cheese?

Police in Vaughn, Canada, arrested three men on Tuesday in connection to the theft of a semi truck loaded with 30,000 pounds of cheese.

This lactose larceny began late on November 24th, after which police quickly located both truck and cargo. However, when they tried to pull him over, the driver refused to stop for police, so out of fear that the driver would somehow lose control and harm bystanders, police let the truck go.

That was ok, though, because they just tracked the truck via GPS, all the way to where the suspects rolled the whole shebang on an off-ramp and took off on foot.

All three were caught using canine units to track them, one in a car, and two nearby trying to hail a cab.

Police say that they are not sure whether the thieves were after the cheese specifically, but did comment that the dirty dairy has a “pretty high value.”

This might actually be part of a trend, though, according to a study by the Center for Retail Research in Britain, which found that cheese is the most frequently stolen food on Earth, with 4% of all cheese ending up stolen.

Come to think of it, wasn’t a Hungry Howie’s truck full of cheese stolen a while back? And then weren’t people stealing cheese from an overturned truck in Alabama?

Wow, maybe we should give up talking about cars being stolen and address the real issue here: Someone is after our Parmesan, people.

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