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Ticklish Toyota Yaris Giggles When Touched

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Sometimes, cars have special quirks that make us imagine they have individual personalities. But no amount of squeaking or pulling to the right can compare with the car we’ve literally just learned about. The ticklish Toyota Yaris has certain sensitive spots that make it giggle whenever you touch it. Yes, giggle.

Ticklish Toyota Yaris

The ticklish Toyota Yaris with Mr. Tickle
Photo: Toyota UK Blog

The ticklish Toyota was created for the British fundraising event, Red Nose Day. On this day, which was created by the charity Comic Relief back in 1985, celebrities and TV personalities put on a telethon complete with live entertainment to raise money for Comic Relief. It’s not unusual to see people walking down streets wearing plastic or foam red noses, which they can acquire in exchange for a donation to the charity. This year, Red Nose Day will be held on March 13th, and Toyota UK is ready to hit the road to raise money and laughs for Britain’s beloved charity.

The Yaris is being described as a “ha-ha-hatchback,” and was unveiled today by Mr. Tickle of the Mr. Men series of children’s books. The vehicle will travel around the UK over the next month, stopping off at various Comic Relief fundraising events. There, people will be able to tickle the side mirrors, dashboard, and various other parts of the car that will make the Yaris giggle, while it rocks from side to side, its mirrors move, and it sprays water from the windshield fluid nozzles.

Mr. Tickle himself was quoted as saying, “I was tickled pink to be part of this brilliant idea. And thanks to my long arms and tickly fingers, I was able to help the designers add tickle-points to all those hard-to-reach places. I hope the Toyota and the funny movie will make everyone smile and give what they can to wonderful Red Nose Day.”

Watch the movie right here and see how Toyota execs came up with this unique fundraising idea.

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