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TIL Ford Mustangs Are Really Popular in Belgium

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The Ford Mustang at The Atomium

Two Ford Mustangs at The Atomium

So here’s something: the Ford Mustang is a big hit in Belgium. Granted, the Mustang has been a hit all around Europe, with more than 21,000 units delivered since its long-awaited European debut, but it is particularly popular in Belgium insofar that Ford has sold 1,600 units there. That may not sound like much, but that number represents one Mustang for every 4,693 drivers, a far higher ratio than anywhere else on the continent.

Ford crunched some of the numbers and found that Germany and Britain have claimed more than half of the Mustangs sold since launch, with drivers from Deutschland taking up 7,281 Mustangs and Brits claiming 4,761 Mustangs. France accounts for 2,126 Mustangs, with Belgium fourth in terms of volume.

Mustangs at the Royal Palace of Brussels

Mustangs at the Royal Palace of Brussels

But given a smaller population than that of Germany, Britain, and France, Belgium can lay claim to being the market in which the Mustang is most popular. In contrast, sales in Germany total one for every 7,700 drivers, and sales in Britain total one for every 7,743 drivers.

“Mustang is a car that has a massive and passionate following among fans in Europe through enthusiasts’ clubs and numerous Mustang meetings,” said Laurent Charpentier, managing director, Ford Belgium. “It is a sports car like no other, one that some fans here have literally been waiting their whole lives for.”

Ford notes other prevailing trends among European Mustang buyers: red, grey, and black remain the three most popular colors, 64% of all sales are of models equipped with the V8, and 72% of buyers select fastbacks over convertibles.