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Tips to Combat Water Damage in Your Car

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Most cars are fairly good at keeping water outside while the interior remains dry and comfortable. But sometimes, even the most water-tight vehicles can let moisture inside, potentially wreaking havoc on your ride. Whether you’ve spilled chowder on the way to the company picnic, left a window open at the car wash, or been caught in a rainstorm with your convertible’s top down, there are ways you can combat the damage.

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Warning: driving in rivers might make your car wet inside

Drying Out a Wet Car Interior

If Mother Nature has thrown you a curve ball and left you with a wet car after heavy rain, there are things you can do to reverse the damage. First of all, park your car in a sunny area and open all the doors and windows to allow the interior to dry out. Depending on the level of moisture inside your car, you might need to remove the seats, carpet, and trim and then dry them outside the car.

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Getting Rid of a Musty Smell

Unless you’re able to dry out your car immediately, you’ll probably notice a musty smell inside your car. Rather than accepting your car’s new position as the butt of your friends’ jokes, take some steps to remove the nasty odor. recommends using an odor remover spray intended for automotive use; alternatively, you can sprinkle baking soda on the smelly areas, wait for a couple of hours, and then vacuum.

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Protecting Your Car from Water

If you live in an area that is prone to floods or hurricanes, it’s important to know how to protect your car from water damage. Elephant Insurance Company recommends keeping everything sealed (rolling up windows, closing the sunroof, etc), parking your car in a higher area, and staying away from puddles of indiscernible depth. Flood damage can total your car, so it’s important to take every step possible to prevent it.

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