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Today in Dumb Drivers: Sorry, Officer, I Didn’t See You There

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Dumb Driver of the Day

Here’s a protip for drivers like the one featured in the video below: yellow and white lines, both solid and dashed and double dashed, are in place to provide some indication as to where you can and cannot drive.

If, say, you are driving one direction and come up against a decent line of traffic, you cannot simply drive past everyone on the left in a lane marked specifically for turns. This is dangerous, and it is also particularly stupid when there is a plainly marked police vehicle right next to you.

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As you’ll see in the video, the guy in the Hyundai pulls up right next to a Ford Interceptor Utility—illegally passing to the left through two solid yellow lines—and sits there with his left turn signal on like he has some kind of plan in mind. Where exactly does this driver intend to turn? Well, clearly not left, since there’s nothing but sidewalk on the opposite side.

Dumb Driver of the Day

The cop and the turner just sit there side-by-side for a while as traffic goes whizzing by from the opposite direction. And then, once everything looks clear, the Hyundai zooms around a Cadillac and goes roaring up through the turn lane. Would it shock anyone to learn that he was pulled over immediately?

Dumb Driver of the Day
Oh yeah, you know he was. Instant karma.

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