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Todd Kelly Teams with ShuRoo for Bathurst 1000

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Todd Kelly is looking to make amends with kangaroos everywhere by teaming with ShuRoo

At most speedways, the kind of hazards that find their way onto the track during a race are usually limited to debris from other cars. At the Bathurst 1000 on Mount Panorama, it’s not all that uncommon for racing to be delayed by the presence of a different kind of hazard altogether: kangaroos. Just ask 2005 race-winner Todd Kelly, who was knocked out of action after 20 laps last year when his car collided with a kangaroo.

To ensure that there are no hard feelings between Todd Kelly and Australia’s favorite hoppity creature, Nissan Motorsport has signed a one-off deal with ShuRoo. ShuRoo is a wildlife conservation prevention device that emits ultrasonic signals that only animals can hear in order to prevent them from entering into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

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“Bathurst is a unique place where you get thrown weather and all sorts of circumstances that you might not get at other rounds,” said Todd Kelly. “Unfortunately, on lap 20 last year, we had a collision with a kangaroo and that was the end of our day. It did a bit of damage to the front of the car, but it pulled a critical suspension component out of the cross member, which wasn’t able to be fixed in time. This year, we have ShuRoo on board for the big race, and hopefully it doesn’t happen again!”

More information on ShuRoo can be found at

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This year will mark the 17th time that Todd Kelly has taken the track for a start at the Bathurst 1000, and the 7th consecutive start for Jack Daniel’s Racing. He joins Rick Kelly, David Russell, and Alex Buncombe in Jack Daniel’s and Nissan Motorsports’ quest to win “The Great Race” in the Nissan Altima.