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Tokyo Stock Exchange Names Nissan a “Nadeshiko” Brand

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For the fifth year in a row, the Nissan Motor Corporation has been recognized as a “Nadeshiko” brand by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This recognition is a result of Nissan’s attempts to include and support more women in the company’s workforce.

According to Nissan, its management will be 10 percent female by April. Last year, the tally was at 9.1 percent which was a significant increase from 2004, when women accounted for only 1.6 percent of managers at the company. This April also marks the start of Nissan’s most recently appointed female executive; Catherine Perez will assume the role of Corporate Vice President for Strategy, Partnerships and Business Development.

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Japan’s Ministry of Economy and the Tokyo Stock Exchange have joined forces to recognize and advance working conditions, opportunities and the professional atmosphere for female workers by bestowing the “Nadeshiko” moniker, which is inspired by the Japanese flower that represents “female strength and empowerment,” according to Nissan.

Skill development training, career development workshops and a mentoring program for women at the Nissan Motor Company are the practices that the stock exchange felt worthy of earning the Nadeshiko brand, Nissan said.

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In addition to supporting women in management positions, Nissan is also dedicated to bringing some balance to its entire workforce. According to Nissan, the “Happy 8 Program,” which was launched in 2015 as an attempt to “improve productivity, workers’ health and the quality of time spent both at work and at home,” aspires for an eight-hour workday for employees. Nissan reports that approximately 6,000 workers are set to participate in Nissan’s Work-at-Home program (5,000 participated in the fiscal year of 2016).

“Nissan is actively promoting diversity as a corporate strength. Women are the main decision-makers for more than 60 percent of vehicle purchases, and Nissan believes it is essential to develop products and services that take this into account,” said Nissan in statement.

News Source: Nissan