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Top 5 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Cars

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Celebrities are known for doing weird and wacky things in the extreme; from weird baby names like Apple and North, to making very specific demands regarding items to be found in their dressing rooms. And when it comes to their cars, there is no exception. Some celebs take life to the extreme and really do show us that your imagination is your only limit. Read on to learn our five most ridiculous celebrity cars of all time…

5. Paris Hilton

At the top of our list we have Paris Hilton, the Barbie-lookalike hotel heiress socialite. Paris has gone and taken a beautiful Bentley GT Continental and… yes, you guessed it! She has painted bright pink so that is looks like she is driving a real life Barbie car. The pink is bold and bright, and comes across as a little tacky and lacking class, which is something some have come to expect from Paris.

Bentley GT Continental

Paris Hilton’s Bentley GT Continental is like this…. except vivid pink

4. Justin Bieber

The young Canadian heart-throb may have matured in his vocals, but not so much in terms of his taste level. Bieber has an Audi R8, which is a gorgeous car, but he has ruined it completely by having it painted in leopard print. It’s garish and not in very good taste at all.

Audi R8

Bieber’s Audi R8 is a tad more leopard-printy than this gorgeous red one

3. Deadmau5

The EDM musician Deadmau5 has what has been called a ‘Purrari’ –It is a Ferrari 458 Spider and it has been modified to showcase the internet meme of the Nyan Cat, complete with rainbow. The background of this elaborate car wrap is bright blue and the pixelated rainbow weaves round the back of the car.

Ferrari 458 Spider

Deadmau5 has a Ferrari 458 Spider like this one, but with the Nyan Cat meme painted on the side
Photo: João Paulo

2. Tyga

It seems that Justin Bieber is not the only celebrity who fancied the Audi R8 as their choice of car. Tyga has the same model, but from appearances you would never guess. While Bieber’s R8 has its tasteless leopard print, Tyga’s Audi pops in comparison. Tyga has gotten his R8 customized with a shiny gold wrap. Usually we associate gold with luxury and wealth, but somehow on a car it looks like something out of an online casino game. Although, it is still a tossup as to whether his or Bieber’s modifications are actually worse.

Audi R8

Tyga bought an Audi R8 like this one, and wrapped it in shiny gold

1. Josh Gordon

The receiver for the Cleveland Browns, Josh Gordon, is the final celebrity on our list of ridiculous cars. He has a Porsche Panamera which he has gotten modified to be a ‘Camarera.’ If this is a little cryptic, let us explain: the car has been painted in a camouflage pattern.  What possesses a person to do this to a car as lovely as a Porsche? Was Gordon scared that someone was going to steal his car? Was that why it needed to be camouflaged? Because we can tell you this, no one is going to steal that car –and not because it blends into the background.

Porsche Panamera

Josh Gordon’s Porsche Panamera is harder to see than this hybrid version, thanks to its camo paintjob

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