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Top 5 Weird Car Laws in Ohio

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Ohio is known for many things; Buckeye football, the Wright brothers, amusement parks… the list goes on. But Ohio is also known for some pretty weird laws, including ones that pertain to the road. Some make sense, others not so much, but there’s no denying that these are some strange ones. Read on to learn about the top five weird car laws in Ohio!

weird car laws in Ohio

No roller skating on the road in Canton, Ohio
Photo: Ernie, via Wikimedia

5. Road Skating

In Canton, Ohio, roller skaters and cars are forbidden from sharing the road. This actually makes some sense, since disaster could easily occur in this scenario. But we assume that the law was made for a reason, and that this was once a problem in Canton. Well, no more.

weird car laws in Ohio

Don’t even think about walking your cow down Lake Road in Bay Village, Ohio

4. Don’t Walk Your Cow

Okay, it’s not strictly car-related, but in Bay Village, Ohio, it is illegal to walk a cow down Lake Road. No word on just what about Lake Road is so anti-cow, but better to be safe than sorry in this case.

weird car laws in ohio

In Canton, Ohio, it’s forbidden to drive your Power Wheels car on the street

3. No Power Wheels on the Street

Canton seems to be the worst place for anyone wanting to have a good time. In this northeastern Ohio city, it’s illegal to drive a Power Wheels car down the street. Again, this is probably for safety, and again, this must have been a big problem in Canton if officials made a law against it. Seems to us more like common sense.

weird car laws in Ohio

Better make sure you full up before entering Youngstown, Ohio

2. You May Not Run Out of Gas

Youngstown, Ohio has a very strict rule regarding the running out of gas. As in, you may not do it. If your gas light comes on, you’d better hot tail it to the nearest gas station, or you might risk spending the night in the slammer.

weird car laws in Ohio

See that horn? In Ohio, it’s the law to honk it at every vehicle you pass. But please do not.

1. Honk Your Horn

In Ohio, it’s mandatory for you to honk your horn when passing another driver. This is a rule that still exists today in the state’s driver’s ed manual. Luckily, most Ohioans are guilty of breaking this law, or the road would be a noisy place.