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What Are the Top Five States for F-Series Sales?

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top five states for F-Series sales

The 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum will no doubt be a hot item in the top five states for F-Series sales

It’s clear enough that Americans love the Ford F-Series. It’s been this country’s best-selling vehicle for nearly 40 years, and it’s on pace to repeat that same feat once again in 2014. Truly, it ranks right up there with baseball, apple pie, and police militarization also baseball as the most American things in all of America for Americans living in America. Motley Fool’s Sean WIlliams recently asked Ford for information about the top five states for F-Series sales, and it comes as almost no surprise that the top-ranking state is the one that does everything bigger.

According to Polk Automotive data from last year, the top five states for F-Series sales are:

  • Texas: 123,978 trucks – 16.58 percent of all U.S. sales
  • California: 46,594 trucks – 6.18 percent of all U.S. sales
  • Florida: 34,587 trucks – 4.59 percent of all U.S. sales
  • Oklahoma: 27,291 trucks – 3.62 percent of all U.S. sales
  • Pennsylvania: 26,981 trucks – 3.58 percent of all U.S. sales

Combined, these five states make up more than a third of all F-Series sales in the United States. Williams cites the expansion of the oil, gas, and alternate energy industries as the driving force behind strong sales in Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania, as well as factors such as weather and topography.

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In the case of California, agricultural output (Cali is responsible for 99 percent of all almond and walnut production, 95 percent of all domestic broccoli, 92 percent of strawberries, 91 percent of domestic grapes, and 90 percent of all tomatoes) is the primary motivator, as is the rebounding housing market, which is also the impetus for F-Series sales in Florida.

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As Williams points out, this means that Ford will need to stay abreast of happenings in the aforementioned industries, including current drought problems in California. It is anticipated that Ford’s continued innovations with their F-Series will not only keep trucks viable in these markets, but will also ultimately lead to positive sales movement throughout the rest of the United Sates.

Source: Motley Fool