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Tow Truck Driver Accidentally Tows SUV with Three Children Inside

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New Orleans police are investigating after a Mid-City tow truck driver made a major oopsie: he accidentally towed an SUV from Algiers to Mid-City with three children inside.

Originally, the apartment complex where the SUV was parked called to have the car towed, since it was parked illegally in the center of a driveway. The tow truck driver, Philip Spencer, duly showed up, hooked up the SUV to the tow truck, and hauled it away.

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“Huh. The trees are moving. Should they be doing that?”

Once he had taken the SUV across town, he looked in the SUV, and noticed something very startling: a 7-month old child. Then he noticed the 4-year-old. And then he noticed the 6-year-old.

After making sure the children were ok, Spencer called the police, but did not receive the response he expected.

“He come to me with an attitude, the mother and the kids, having an attitude toward me. He’s telling me I’m being negligent and I’m looking for a quick buck, and I’m like, what?” Spencer said. “Look, I came to you guys trying to help you guys out. You know, if these kids would have died — the windows were up.”

Spencer blamed his inability to see the children on the SUV’s tinted windows and the fact that the children were asleep in the back seat.


Image Courtesy of WWLTV

The mother refused to comment why the children were in a car with its windows up or how long they had been there.

Child Services showed up to interview Spencer, but otherwise no charges have been filed at time of writing.

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News Source: WWLTV