Toyota Avalon Hybrid History

Toyota Avalon Hybrid History

Toyota Avalon Hybrid History


The Toyota Avalon Hybrid was first introduced in 2012, allowing the Japanese carmaker to join the crush of brands converting their popular sedans into hybrids. Since its introduction, the Avalon Hybrid has proven that going green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice space or style, continuing Toyota’s number one rank in the hybrid segment.


The Avalon Hybrid is a hybrid gasoline-electric sedan that first entered production in 2012. Based on the fourth generation styling of the traditionally powered Avalon, the Hybrid brings the style a bit further—to its fuel economy, offering an outstanding 40 mpg combined. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine pairs with an electric motor to churn out a healthy 200 hp, making sure that going green doesn’t ruining your driving fun.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid Awards

Since its introduction, the Toyota Avalon Hybrid has been racking up trophies left and right, receiving the AutoPacific’s 2013 Ideal Vehicle Award, being named “Best Green Car” at the 2013 Atlanta International Auto Show, and the Intellichoice/AutoPacific Motorist Satisfaction Award.

Reception of Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Toyota is known for their hybrid and electric powertrains, so when the brand introduced the Avalon Hybrid, no one was surprised. What did surprise, though, was just how amazing this car was. Since its introduction, the Avalon Hybrid has been called repeatedly the best hybrid Toyota has produced—sorry, Prius! With its ability to drive like a traditionally powered car and its style, there’s no denying that the Avalon Hybrid is a top contender in the hybrid segment.

2014 Avalon Hybrid

2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Overview