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Toyota Camry is Most American-Made, Says

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2015 Toyota Camry most american-made car


The Toyota Camry is a well-known and loved vehicle here in the USA. Most of us see at least one or two on the road every day, although we probably don’t take a whole lot of notice. But since Toyota is a Japanese automaker, that means the Camry is made in Japan, right? Wrong.

In fact, the Camry was recently named most American-made by the experts at And this isn’t the first time the sedan has been given this title—it’s actually the fifth time. It’s no surprise really, since the Camry has been America’s favorite car for the past 13 years. The car is manufactured at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Inc. (TMMK), located in Georgetown, Kentucky. Just last year, the plant built its 10-millionth vehicle, which just happened to be—you guessed it—a Camry. TMMK also produces the Camry Hybrid, Avalon, and Avalon Hybrid, and will begin production of the Lexus ES later this year. also named the Toyota Sienna as the second-most American-made car. The popular minivan is built at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana Inc. (TMMI), which also produces the Sequoia, Highlander, and Highlander Hybrid. TMMK and TMMI are just two of Toyota’s 10 total manufacturing facilities in the US.

Both models were designed right here in the US, as well—the Camry by Calty Design Research, Inc. in Newport Beach, California; and the Sienna at Toyota Technical Center (TTC) in York Township, Michigan.

2015 Toyota Sienna most american-made car

2015 Toyota Sienna

“These results are a testament to Toyota’s continued investment and growth in the United States,” gushed Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz. “We are strengthening our commitments to American manufacturing so we can better satisfy the needs of our customers for decades to come.”

Here’s to many more years of American-made Toyota vehicles!