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Toyota Camry TV Cameos

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Toyota Camry TV Cameos - 2018 Toyota Camry Silver Red

Look familiar? These cars have been all over TV lately

If you watch television or frequently view videos online, then you’ve probably seen a recent slew of 2018 Toyota Camry advertisements flooding your screens. Each of these commercials has been accompanied by a variety of songs, ranging from John Cena’s infamous trumpet theme song to Queen’s 1978 hit “Don’t Stop Me Now.” The 2018 Camry also made a recent appearance on the MTV show Teen Wolf, helping to end the supernatural series in style.

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However, that isn’t the only time the Camry has made an appearance on the small screen—or the big screen, for that matter. The popular Toyota model has made many Camry-os (forgive me) over time that many viewers may have missed. Although somewhat small roles, the frequent appearance of the iconic vehicle has given the Camry a solid resume of television credits.

Toyota Camry TV Cameos - Luke Cage

Photo: Marvel Television

Luke Cage

Comic fans rejoiced in 2016 when Netflix premiered the Marvel-based series Luke Cage. The lead and title character is a former convict that was given superhuman strength and seemingly changed his ways, fighting against crime instead of landing behind bars. In the eighth episode of the first season, a black 2015 Camry can be spotted behind Cage as he’s brandishing a sniper rifle.


Toyota Camry TV Cameos - The Big Bang Theory

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

The Big Bang Theory

While most people don’t think of cool cars when they’re watching the nerdy mega-hit The Big Bang Theory, it does make sense that when a vehicle made an appearance on the show, it was a practical one. At the end of the season 10 finale, Sheldon Cooper decided to fly to New Jersey to see his girlfriend, Amy. Of course, he took a taxi to LAX, which happened to be a Toyota Camry Hybrid. That’s so LA.


Toyota Camry TV Cameos - New Girl

Photo: 20th Century Fox Television

New Girl

Season 2 of the FOX series New Girl toyed with the emotions of “Schmece” (Schmidt and Cece) shippers when Cece jumped into an arranged marriage with Shivrang. In episode 22, entitled “Bachelorette Party,” Nick and Winston head out with Shivrang in his silver 2010 Toyota Camry while Schmidt continues to be butthurt about not getting a “plus one” invitation to Cece’s wedding.


Toyota Camry TV Cameos - Modern Family

Photo: 20th Century Fox Television

Modern Family

The final episode of season 4 of the Emmy-winning sitcom Modern Family centered on the death of Phil’s mother, Grace. The entire family traveled down to Florida to mourn and to act as a support system for Phil, including Phil’s usually dismissive father-in-law, Jay, who rented a silver 2012 Toyota Camry while in the Sunshine State.


Toyota Camry TV Cameos - Neighbours

Photo: FremantleMedia Australia


One of the most popular and long-running shows on Australian television is the soap opera Neighbours. It first premiered in 1985 and has had a huge number of celebrity guest appearances throughout its run, to include former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, The Veronicas, The Wiggles, Paula Abdul, and Lily Allen. In a recent episode, a white 2016 Camry made an appearance, while additional Camrys have been present in other episodes, spanning all the way back to a 1993 model.


Toyota Camry TV Cameos - Gilmore Girls

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Gilmore Girls

Coffee? Check. Loving mother-daughter relationship? Check. Toyota Camry? Check. All of these were included on the hit show Gilmore Girls during its original run from 2000 to 2007. The series featured a collection of Camry models ranging from 1995 to 2005 iterations. The recent Netflix reboot, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, continued this trend with a snow-covered 2007 Camry making an appearance in the very first “Winter” episode, when Rory paid a visit to Stars Hollow.


Toyota Camry TV Cameos - Saturday Night Live

Photo: SNL Studios

Saturday Night Live

It’s pretty rare to see an actual vehicle during a sketch on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. If there are car scenes on the show, they’re usually shot as a close-up to produce the illusion of the actors driving a real vehicle. However, sometimes during some b-roll footage or an SNL Digital Short, a vehicle sneaks into the frame. In a season 40 episode hosted by Dakota Johnson, a bright red 2010 Toyota Camry shows up in one of the pre-taped sketches that had a lot of people talking.


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