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Toyota Dominoes Video Shows Progress Toward a Better Future

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Toyota has long been considered a pioneer in the alternative fuel movement. From the initial release of the Prius back in 1997 to the recent development of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Japanese automaker always seems to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to building vehicles that don’t simply rely on gasoline or diesel. To highlight the automaker’s achievements and show what’s to come, a new Toyota dominoes video shows just how far the brand has come since the initial release of the Prius 17 years ago. [ Check out the Toyota dominoes video below ]

Toyota dominoes video

The Toyota dominoes video features the Prius

Unlike most videos that feature dominoes knocking each other down in succession, the Toyota dominoes video shows dominoes rising up instead. The video starts by looking at the original Prius hybrid, as the dominoes rise up around the vehicle and the words “Hybrid Vehicle” appear. The dominoes then move on to rise up around the Prius Plug-In and the words, “Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle.”

Toyota dominoes video

Prius Plug-In

Finally, the camera pans in to see Toyota’s latest innovation, its fuel cell vehicle. The dominoes stop right in front of the car, and one flips up onto the vehicle’s hood, causing a line of dominoes on the car itself to rise up ahead of the words, “H2 Fuel Cell Vehicle.”

Toyota dominoes video

The FCV features in the Toyota dominoes video

As the dominoes head away from the three cars, all of which are automotive pioneers, they spell out the words, “One great idea leads to the next.” The dominoes then lead outside and head towards a thriving city, suggesting that the best is still yet to come as far as Toyota’s concerned.

Check out the video and let us know if you agree!