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Toyota Announces Dream Build Challenge Winner at SEMA

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dream build challenge winnerIf you were holding your breath to find out who ended up being this year’s Toyota Dream Build challenge winner, no need to worry about getting blue in the face anymore—last week, Top Gear USA host Rutledge Wood announced the winner at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Fans of the challenge voted two Toyota sponsored motocross athletes, Josh Grant and Justin Brayton, as the winners of this year’s challenge with a Tundra-based design.

The “Let’s Go Moto Tundra” design utilized two different shops over a thousand miles apart to create a vehicle perfect for motocross. The rear of the truck, with enough room for bikes and a toolbox, is a biker’s dream. The entertainment system inside is perfect for the long waits between races, with three TV screens—one connected to a game console, another that plays DVDs, and a third that displays bike engine diagnostics.

The Toyota Dream Build Challenge asked four different sponsored athletes to build a vehicle that would be the envy of any athlete in their respective sport. Along with Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross teammates Josh Grant and Justin Brayton were freestyle skier Simon Dumont, BMX rider Drew Bezanson, and NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman.