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Toyota Employee Wins Toyota Camry Hybrid, Georgetown KY’s 10 Millionth Vehicle

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Georgetown KY's 10 millionth vehicle

Tom Keith in Georgetown KY’s 10 millionth vehicle

Back in June, Toyota built its 10 millionth vehicle at its plant in Georgetown, KY. The vehicle in question was a white Toyota Camry Hybrid, which worked out nicely, since the very first vehicle built at this plant in 1988 was also a white Camry—albeit a non-hybrid, fully-gasoline version. When Georgetown KY’s 10 millionth vehicle rolled off the production line, Toyota announced it would give the vehicle away to one lucky plant worker via a random drawing. That lucky employee was just announced as Tom Keith—a member of the Quality Control Department who has been with Toyota for a whopping 26 years.

Of the plant’s approximately 7,000 employees, just 200 have been working there since the plant’s opening over a quarter of a century ago. And of the thousands of employees whose names were in the bucket for drawing, it’s fitting that Keith, who still remembers when that first Camry rolled off the line all those years ago, would be the one to win Georgetown KY’s 10 millionth vehicle.

Georgetown KY's 10-millionth vehicle

Wil James presents Georgetown KY’s 10-millionth vehicle produced to Tom Keith

“It’s highly appropriate that our 10 millionth vehicle goes to one of the team members who made this milestone possible,” said TMMK Plant President Wil James. “Our team members are the heart and soul of this company, and they make all of our successes possible.”

Congratulations to Tom Keith for winning Georgetown’s 10 millionth Camry! As is the case with many Camrys, we’re sure it’ll still be on the road years from now.