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Toyota FT-1 Concept: Part Two

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Toyota FT-1 Concept

A second version of the Toyota FT-1 Concept could soon make an appearance

Remember the snazzy Toyota FT-1 Concept we showed you way back in January? If not, allow us to refresh your memory. The sporty concept debuted at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, and drew much admiration from the crowds—yes, including us. Toyota itself was certainly a fan of the FT-1 Concept, and now we’re hearing reports that we could soon see version two of this stylish concept.

So what can we expect from the Toyota FT-1 Concept 2.0? According to GT Spirit, the main difference will be in the color of the vehicle. Originally shown in bright kick-you-in-the-face red, there’s no suggestion as to what this new color might be; however a simple color change isn’t likely to take away from the car’s overall awesomeness. Rumor has it that this second FT-1 Concept is being produced so that Toyota can gauge consumer interest in the vehicle, with the possibility that this might be one concept that actually makes it to production.

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This leaves us to wonder—what might a production version of the Toyota FT-1 Concept look like? We’re sure it’ll be toned down, much like the production GT-86 was after years of concepts made the vehicle a reality. If, as suspected, the FT-1 Concept is a follow-up to Toyota’s popular but no longer produced Supra, the Toyota FT-1 Concept will likely be powered by a 2.5-liter turbocharged V6 hybrid motor that pumps out an impressive 400 horsepower.

If you’re crossing your fingers like we are for the FT-1 Concept to start making its journey towards production, stay tuned for updates.

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