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[VIDEO] Toyota Fuel-Cell Commercial Gets All Deep and Intense

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Toyota fuel-cell commercial

The Toyota Mirai, fuel-cell vehicle

For most of this year, Toyota has been talking up its hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, which is rumored to be called the Mirai. While other automakers are touting the benefits of electric vehicles, Toyota has decided to eschew the development of EV technology in favor of concentrating its efforts on perfecting its hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Now, a Toyota fuel-cell commercial shows just how serious the Japanese carmaker is about the future of automobiles being tied to this technology. [ Watch the Toyota fuel-cell commercial below ]

The Toyota fuel-cell commercial is designed to make you stop and think about where the future is headed. In the opening sentence, the narrator says, “Over the next year, we will be faced with a decision to support, oppose, or even ignore the future of hydrogen-fuelled propulsion.” This is a serious statement, because most automakers are concentrating their resources on electric vehicles, which are more realistic in the short-term. Looking at the long-term, as a hydrogen refueling network is built not just in California, but nationwide, this clean technology could become a reality for everyday drivers.

Gallery: Toyota Fuel-Cell Vehicle, or Mirai

The commercial is very simply designed, choosing to leave the focus on the words. Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, like EVs, produce zero emissions; the only by-product of hydrogen fuel being water vapor that evaporates into the atmosphere via the car’s tailpipe. According to Toyota, the “hydrogen-paved highway” we’re travelling down marks a “turning point in history.” We’ll have to wait until the Toyota Mirai comes out sometime in 2015 before we can say for sure if that’s true, but we do find the Toyota fuel-cell commercial to be mighty convincing.

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