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Toyota Gifony Makes Music Videos from Assembly Lines

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For the majority of Americans, vehicle assembly lines are hardly the most thrilling things in the world. In fact, we’d wager that most American drivers hardly give a second thought to the processes and the people who build their cars. Now, Toyota is giving drivers an insight into the manufacturing process with a new program called Toyota Gifony, which allows users to create their own videos using sounds and visuals from the Corolla production lines in Blue Springs, Mississippi, and Georgetown, Kentucky.

Check out the promotional video to get a better sense of Toyota Gifony:

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Gifony is a clever marketing scheme for the Toyota Corolla. The program offers a total of 45 gifs, which users can watch, hear, and combine in order to create a unique video made solely from the sounds and sights of the assembly line. Users can then either share these videos via Facebook and Twitter, or download the tracks using SoundCloud.

“We really noticed the sights and sounds, and how exhilarating and energizing the plant itself was,” explained Zoe Zeigler, assistant manager for corporate marketing at Toyota. “We thought, wow, there’s a really great opportunity here to show our customers and fans and music enthusiasts just how a Toyota car goes from a coil of steel to what’s parked in your driveway.”

Toyota Gifony

Toyota Gifony allows you to create a music video from 45 possible gifs

We certainly had fun playing around with Gifony and creating various tunes, so if you’re looking to waste a half-hour or so on something that’s not necessarily productive but is definitely entertaining, head over to the website and create your own tune.

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