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Toyota Increases Brazilian Etios Production

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If you’re reading this from the US or Europe, you’ve likely never heard of the Toyota Etios—and with good reason. The Etios is sold in four markets—India, South Africa, Brazil, and Indonesia. The supermini sedan and hatchback has been produced by the Japanese automaker since 2010, and it’s seen pretty good success in its various markets.

Brazilian Etios Production

The Etios Hatchback

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The Etios has been doing particularly well in Brazil. The model has been sold in that country since September 2012, and started out with monthly sales in the 2,000 to 3,000 range. Quite quickly, Brazilian drivers fell in love with the low-cost vehicle, especially as it received new seat upholstery and launched a new model—the Etios Cross—just over a year after its initial release. Sales are now at the 6,000 to 7,000 range each month, and Toyota has decided it’s time to increase production in order to meet demand.

Brazilian Etios Production

The Etios Sedan

As a result, Toyota’s Sorocaba plant in Brazil will go from producing 74,000 Etios models to 108,000 each year. In order to increase Etios production by approximately 50%, Toyota is investing $36.5 million in the plant.

Brazilian Etios Production

The Etios Cross

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“This expansion of Etios production at our Sorocaba Plant is a result of always listening carefully to customer feedback to produce ever-better cars,” said Koji Kondo, president of Toyota do Brasil LTDA. “In that respect, I feel that the Etios series is one that has been raised and nurtured by Brazilian consumers.”

The Etios isn’t destined for American shores anytime soon, but Toyota’s US lineup is certainly doing the job of helping the automaker keep its title of number one retail manufacturer in the US.