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Toyota’s Hybrid Infographic Explains Benefits of Driving a Hybrid

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benefits of driving a hybrid

The Toyota Prius: Benefits of Driving a Hybrid

In what must have been a slow news week for Toyota, a pretty dinky infographic appeared on the automaker’s press site, highlighting the benefits of driving a hybrid, such as the iconic Prius. Toyota’s hybrid infographic details just some of the good that has come from drivers choosing the Prius since its release in the early 2000s. [ Click here to see the infographic ]

For example, did you know that Toyota hybrid vehicles have managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 31 million tons in the US alone? According to Toyota, that’s the total liftoff weight of approximately 13,777 Space Shuttles. Also, by switching to hybrids, Prius drivers have helped save about 1.85 billion gallons of gas when compared with the average non-hybrid car. To help aid your understanding of just how much gasoline that entails, Toyota claims that Prius drivers could use the fuel saved to drive around the Earth 4.39 million times.

Also, since the Prius first hit our roads 14 years ago, Prius family owners have avoided releasing approximately 26.5 million tons of CO2 emissions globally—which is around the same weight as 3.8 million African elephants. Finally, Prius drivers have managed to save approximately $5 billion in fuel costs since 2000, which is enough money to build 2,526 wind turbines.

With hybrid vehicles continuing to gain popularity the world over, we can expect these numbers to rise over the coming years. And with the upcoming release of Toyota’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle, the Mirai, the day could be in sight when US drivers save more money and emissions than they spend or omit. Check out the infographic explaining the benefits of driving a hybrid for yourself.

benefits of driving a hybrid