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Toyota Japan Commercial Shows New Prius as “Sensual”

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2016 Toyota Prius Two

The 2016 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is known for many things. Reliability and efficiency are among the top reasons drivers choose the Prius, but styling really hasn’t been…until now.

The 2016 Toyota Prius has been completely redesigned, and boasts sportier styling than ever before. The fourth-gen hybrid is already on sale in Japan, and the automaker has just released a new commercial in its home country that describes the new Prius as “ero-i,” which is a Japanese word derived from “erotic” which can mean “sexy” or “sensual.”

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Yep, sensual. This is Toyota’s way of appealing to a younger market than previously. In the commercial, two actors discuss the Prius’ “ero-i” styling, and one of them comments that it’s likely because the new hybrid resembles a long-legged, long-armed athlete.

The Prius has only been available in Japan for a short time, but already 60,000 drivers have placed their orders. In fact, the Prius is so popular in Japan right now that customers have to wait about four months between ordering their car and taking delivery.

Toyota hopes to sell 350,000 2016 Prius models globally. Only time will tell if the new hybrid will be as appealing to American drivers as it is to Japanese drivers.

The Prius will begin sales in the US sometime in 2016.

Video: New Prius Shows Off its Sensual Side

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News Source: The Wall Street Journal