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Toyota Launches Mobility Program in Da Nang, Vietnam

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The world’s population is growing rapidly, and cities are fast becoming overloaded with residents who need to get from point A to point B on a daily basis. With so many people reliant on cars for transportation, the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) is set on finding ways to provide alternatives to those in the world’s most congested cities.Toyota Mobility Foundation Logo

TMF initially launched a pilot program in Bangkok, Thailand, back in April. The second program will launch in Da Nang, Vietnam. This program seeks to relieve congestion by focusing on three main areas: establishing a park and ride program, promoting shuttle buses, and introducing a community bus service. In order to achieve its goals, TMF is teaming with Da Nang’s government and investing $2.9 million in the city, which is considered a major link between Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

“Toyota Mobility Foundation develops innovative solutions that address a full range of mobility challenges facing communities around the globe by sharing our knowledge,” observed Akio Toyoda, Chairman of the Board of TMF and President of Toyota Motor Corporation. “As Da Nang adapts to its rapid population and economic growth, we―together with our partners including Da Nang city government―aims to build a more joyful mobile society.”

TMF was established in 2014 and hopes to make a real difference to the transportation available to citizens in crowded cities across the globe.