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Toyota Makes 40 Kawaii Mascots for the 2016 Prius

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toyota Prius! Impossible Girls kawaii mascots

The Toyota Prius! Impossible girls

The 2016 Toyota Prius is quite the astonishing vehicle. New for this year, the fourth-generation hybrid offers increased fuel efficiency; a new, sporty look; and the latest in safety features. But rather than let the vehicle speak for itself, Toyota Japan is letting some new kawaii mascots do the work. Forty kawaii mascots, to be precise.

Each mascot was designed to represent a different part of the car, from its engine to its triangular silhouette (yes, really). Each mascot is featured in detail on Toyota Japan’s website, along with a currently inaccessible section called “Game,” which is listed as “coming soon.” The campaign is called Prius! Impossible, and models itself on an online parts catalog—except, instead of pictures and descriptions of parts, there are pictures of the mascots and videos featuring each mascot’s voice (in Japanese, of course).

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Here are some examples of the new Prius mascots:

#04: The dashboard

Toyota Prius Mascot #4 Dashboard

The dashboard is cute and friendly, apparently

#19: The exhaust system

Toyota Prius Mascot #19 Exhaust System

The Prius’ exhaust system has a little steampunk style going on

#27: The steering wheel

Toyota Prius Mascot #27 Steering Wheel

Just like an actual steering wheel, this mascot gets you to where to need to go

#39: The door chime

Toyota Prius Mascot #39 Door Chime

Perhaps the Prius’ door chime sounds old-timey like its mascot’s outfit

Toyota’s use of these mascots is certainly unique, and it probably wouldn’t work in any of the automaker’s other markets, but we are happy this exists somewhere out there in the world.

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News Source: Rocket News 24