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Toyota Named an EPA Environmental Leader for 12th Year in a Row

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Toyota Named an EPA Environmental Leader for 12th Year in a RowToyota has long been ahead of its industry in terms of environmental leadership. Take the Prius hybrid, for instance. The market is now saturated hybrid models, but it was Toyota that pioneered the movement, and it is the Prius that is still synonymous with “hybrid,” despite what Hyundai thinks it can do with its IONIQ. And now, Toyota is pioneering (alongside Hyundai, interestingly enough) the hydrogen fuel cell movement.

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But it takes more than just eco-friendly products to be an environmental leader. The act of making products must also be eco-friendly. In that regard, Toyota is also a leader. Reportedly, the automaker has saved more than 16 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in North America since 2002, which Toyota equates to powering nearly 1 million households for an entire year. By improving processes at its 14 facilities in North America—and by encouraging its employees to consider the environment in all tasks—Toyota has earned its twelfth consecutive US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for environmental leadership.

“Being named an Energy Star Partner of the Year is a tremendous honor,” explained Toyota’s Plant and Environmental Engineering Group General Manager Robin Haugen. “Earning that honor twelve years in a row is testament to the dedication of our team members to reduce our carbon footprint and become an environmental leader in our industry.”

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Energy consumption has dropped 35% since 2002, with costs savings exceeding $640 million.