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Toyota Partner Robot Series Makes Rehabilitation a Reality

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Toyota Partner Robot series

Walk Training Assist

Toyota recently announced its intention to begin trial leasing robots to medical facilities in Japan this fall. The robots are part of the Toyota Partner Robot series, and are designed to help rehabilitate patients who are unable to walk or maintain balance. The series was first announced in 2011 and features two types of robots—Walk Training Assist and Balance Training Assist robots.

The Walk Training Assist robots will help aid and rehabilitate those patients who have suffered lower limb paralysis, leaving them unable to walk. This robot will with help patients’ leg swing, knee straightening, and body-weight support to make rehabilitation quicker and more effective. The new and improved version features real-time monitoring of joint angle and other walking data, providing audio and visual feedback to patients and their doctors.

The Balance Training Assist robot features a game interface that encourages and enhances balance training in a fun and stimulating manner. Games such as skiing, tennis, and rodeo make rehabilitation seem like a treat rather than a chore. Doctors can set the difficulty of the games at different levels depending on patients’ progress.

The Toyota Partner Robot series machines will be showcased at the upcoming 51st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, scheduled to take place June 5 through June 7 at the Nagoya Congress Center.