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Toyota Saves Automotive Waste from Landfills

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Toyota National Scrap Program recycling

Plastic bumpers covers are shredded, then processed into plastic pellets and sold to make other automotive plastic parts

Back in 2014, Toyota partnered with Boles Parts Supplies (BPS) to create something called the National Scrap Program, which helps recycle vehicle scrap parts like bumper covers, cloth, foam, and glass. The program, which originally started in Toyota’s two largest North American parts centers in Ontario, California and Hebron, Kentucky, helped save more than 40,000 pounds of material in its first 15 months.

Given its success, the program recently expanded to parts distribution centers in Cincinnati, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland. In the time frame spanning April 2014 to June 2015, the expanded program more than doubled the amount of rubber, glass, and other materials it recycled—more than 88,000 pounds, to be precise.

Toyota National Scrap Program recycling

“We’ve been enormously pleased with the success of this program,” explained Juliana Dee, manager of the program at Toyota’s North American Parts Operations (NAPO). “Thanks to our partner BPS, we are giving a second life to things that used to be trash and making a real improvement in our recycling rate.”

Due to the program’s continued success, Toyota plans to roll it out at its remaining parts distribution centers by the end of the 2017 fiscal year.