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Toyota South Africa Tops Dealer Satisfaction Index Awards

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2016 Toyota Hilux

Toyota South Africa dealers sell hit vehicles like the Hilux

As a global brand, Toyota has large networks of dealerships in countries around the world. One such country is South Africa, where Toyota was recently named the top automotive franchise by the country’s National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA) Dealer Satisfaction Index. Toyota placed number one out of all franchises in the Passenger/Light Commercial vehicle category, with luxury brand Lexus coming in behind its parent Toyota at number two.

Toyota’s first-place win marks a huge improvement over its 2014 score—a 4.4% increase, to be exact. Toyota was the leader in three categories, including Dealer Satisfaction, Customer Focus, and Used Cars.

In addition, Lexus led three categories of its own—Goodwill, Policy Claims & Warranty, and Franchise Compliance Audits & Dealer Support. Dealers from across the country voted in each category, and placed Toyota brand dealerships as the best in the country.

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“At Toyota, we operate as one team with our dealers,” explained Calvyn Hamman, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Toyota South Africa Motors. “The relationships we build and maintain with our dealers are a critical part of our business at Toyota. We work tirelessly to ensure our relationships are based on listening to their concerns and acting where appropriate.

“We believe that the work we have done over the last year, is reflected in the results of the Dealers Satisfaction Index,” Hamman continued. “We are proud that all three our brands placed in the top three of their categories and overwhelmed with Toyota’s first place. This is a first for us and we will continue to improve on our relationships, systems and support to our dealerships.”

The third brand mentioned is Hino Motors—a commercial vehicle and diesel engine manufacturer that is the leading producer of medium- and heavy-duty diesel trucks across the globe. Hino placed second overall in the Commercial category, with an improved score of 81.8% in 2015—a 8.9% increase over 2014. As a majority shareholder in Hino, Toyota can claim three brands as the best South Africa has to offer.

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