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Toyota Sponsors New CBS Charity App

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Yesterday, CBS announced a new app that will allow users to rack up points that amount to charitable donations to the organizations of their choice, such as Meals on Wheels or the Special Olympics. This app is made possible thanks to Toyota, which has created some of the videos itself, and sponsored others.

Toyota Sponsors New CBS Charity App

Toyota is sponsoring the new CBS Viewers to Volunteers charity app

The app is called “Viewers to Volunteers,” or “V2V,” and allows people to watch feel-good videos in order to earn credits. These credits can then be converted into monetary donations to a number of causes. This allows users to donate to charity without actually having to give any money of their own, making it ideal for those who want to give to charity but simply can’t afford it at this time.

V2V will initially launch in four key markets: Philadelphia, Dallas Fort-Worth, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. This means extra advertising for dealerships in these four areas, allowing them and Toyota to demonstrate corporate social responsibility. “They’re giving our money, but we’re getting what we want as an advertiser, where people are looking at our brand,” explained Paul Muller, the president of the Tri-State Toyota Dealers Association, which is an association of dealers in the Greater Philadelphia market. “Hopefully they’re looking at our brand favorably. In the mean time, we’re doing something that we think is a good thing to do.”

Not only will this app allow Toyota and its dealers to show their commitment to local charitable organizations, but it will allow these organizations to get their messages to more viewers, and collect more donations to go towards their causes.

If the V2V app is successful in these four initial markets, it’s likely CBS and Toyota will roll it out to additional markets in the coming months, so keep an eye out!

News Source: WSJ