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Toyota Unleashes Second FT-1 Sports Car Concept

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Second FT-1 sports car concept

Toyota’s second FT-1 sports car concept

In recent months, we’ve heard a lot about the Toyota FT-1 Concept that is rumored to be the new inspiration for a reinvented Toyota Supra. The first concept, which was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, featured a bold red exterior, an all-black interior, and red accents to pull the car’s design elements together. Now, Toyota has come out with a second FT-1 sports car concept, which is as demure as the first one was eye-catching.

But “demure” doesn’t have to mean boring; on the contrary. The second FT-1 sports car concept boasts a graphite exterior, and saddle-colored leather seats. The Calty Design Research-designed concept was revealed at the Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival gala yesterday. Newport Beach, CA-based Calty—which designed the original FT-1 concept, as well as numerous Toyota vehicles dating back to the 1970s—found inspiration in today’s superhero costumes which tend to lean towards quality fabrics and function rather than bright colors and flashiness.

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Calty creative designer Sellene Lee commented, “From the start of the FT-1 project, we wanted the driver to have a feeling of flow while at the wheel – to be able to focus on the road and nothing else. In the color studio we help create the atmosphere of the vehicle, and our aim was to ensure everything supported the driver through efficient choices. The saddle leather maintains that same ‘in the zone’ driving intention, while bringing in a more premium feeling.”

As well as finding inspiration from superheroes, Lee checked out high-end designer leather bags at department stores when creating the second FT-1 sports car concept’s interior. The soft, thick leather boasts an all-natural grain, and raised metal mesh for ventilation. It promises to provide a comfortable ride, perhaps better suited to everyday driving than the original concept.

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Still no word on if and when production is planned for the FT-1, but we’ll be sure to share it with you as soon as we hear anything, so stay tuned!