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Toyota Unveils Urban Utility Concept Car in Cali

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Makes other vans uncool... oh, wait.

Urban Utility Concept Car

Toyota’s Urban Utility Concept Car

Utility vans are just so boring. There’s nothing exciting about a vehicle used to transport a caterer’s food, a handyman’s tools, or a courier’s packages. Toyota wants to change all that with the introduction of its Urban Utility Concept Car at the Maker Faire hosted by Make: magazine in San Francisco today. The vehicle, which is also known as U², was designed by Toyota’s Calty Design Research—the design studio also responsible for the FT-1 Concept and the upcoming 2015 Camry.

Gallery: Urban Utility Concept Car Exterior

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The Urban Utility Concept Car offers all the convenience and utility of a van, but in a much cooler package. The vehicle features a roll-back roof, a tailgate which folds down into a ramp, and a customizable interior. This interior offers features such as a utility rail system designed for holding anything from baskets to bike stands, a foldable and removable passenger seat, fold-up rear seating, and flip-up side windows. On the outside, the vehicle boasts rear glass that can slide into the tailgate; roof panels that retract open; and protective, replaceable ridges on the tailgate.

Gallery: Urban Utility Concept Car Interior and Info

Toyota promises that the concept vehicle offers the small size of a compact car, together with the functionality of a small truck and the spaciousness of a cargo van. Added up, this means greater fuel economy, easier loading and unloading, and greater maneuverability on smaller city streets.

It might be a concept, but if the U² ever makes it to production, we can see it being a hit with younger, hipper business owners who need a versatile vehicle but hate the look and feel of the traditional bulky cargo van.

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