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Toyota’s 2015 Dream Car Contest Rewards Children’s Imaginations

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Since 2004, Toyota has held its annual Dream Car Art Contest, which allows children from around the world to design futuristic vehicles for the chance at worldwide recognition. This year’s contest winners have just been announced, and the entries are more impressive than ever.

The Universal Language Car

Dream Art Car winner Language Car

Sethumdee Dulanya Dewagamage–seven years old from Sri Lanka–won the Gold Award in her age group category (7 and under). Her design features a car that makes it possible to share ideas across linguistic barriers.

Robo-Fly for Girls in Need

Dream Art Car winner girls in need

The winner of the Gold Award in the 8-to-11 category was Adu Maria Ciontu, an 11-year-old from Romania. Her design shows a mobile classroom that can provide a school to girls who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get an education.


Dream Art Car winner NANO CAR

The third winner of the Gold Award—this time in the 12 to 15 category—was 13-year-old Azul Paz Servin Rodas from Paraguay. Her design, entitled NANO CAR, shows a vehicle that changes the environment at the atomic level.

Dream Society

Dream Art Car winner Akio Toyoda award

The winner of the President Akio Toyoda Award was 15-year-old Hye In Park from Canada. She designed a car to carry dreams and unite families separated by distance to allow them to live happily.

Akio Toyoda commented, “This artwork really conveys a sense of caring for one’s family and having love for one’s community. It has a lot in common with Toyota’s desire to contribute to society by making cars. I hope we will keep making ever-better cars that make our customers smile.”

Ecofix Car

Dream Art Car winner engineering inspiration

Finally, the Engineering Inspiration Award went to Minhal Adnan Sami, nine years old, from the United Arab Emirates. Her design, Ecofix Car, runs on fruit and vegetable compost to help make the world a more eco-friendly place. This award was selected by Mitsuhisa Kato, executive VP, and was converted into a 3D clay model by the Toyota Prototype Production Division. This model will travel around Japan and be on display at various Toyota facilities for one year.