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Toyota’s Green Manufacturing Practices Save 61M Gallons of Water a Year

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It is no secret that Toyota prides itself on being environmentally friendly. The Japanese automaker practically single-handedly pioneered the hybrid vehicle with the creation of the Prius, but Toyota doesn’t only focus on the way driving its vehicles affect the environment; it also pays close attention to the way manufacturing them does.

Toyota has modified its production process to reduce the amount of water that is wasted in manufacturing by 61 million gallons a year. Toyota’s green manufacturing practices

Several processes, including painting vehicles, require very pure water, which forces Toyota to discard water that doesn’t meet certain standards. Toyota has pioneered a method that allows them to reuse that water.

According to Toyota’s official press release, “Typically 25 percent of the water coming into a facility doesn’t make the cut. But by implementing a system called reverse osmosis that separates impurities before the manufacturing process, Toyota has increased usable water from 75 to 90 percent at several of its plants.”

Toyota's green manufacturing practices

Toyota’s green manufacturing practices broken down.


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