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Toyota’s Super Bowl Commercial to Feature 2015 Camry, Amy Purdy

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Toyota's Super Bowl commercial

Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial will star the redesigned 2015 Camry

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but there’s already buzz surrounding the commercials awaiting us during Super Bowl XLIX. Unless you’ve grown up under a rock, you’re probably aware that Super Bowl commercials are kind of a big deal. Companies pay millions of dollars to feature during commercial breaks, even for a mere 30 seconds. As a result, the Super Bowl has become as well-known for its advertising as it is for its football.

So we still have no idea which teams will play in the Super Bowl next year, but we do know one thing: Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial promises to be pretty epic.

You might remember last year’s Toyota commercial, which featured Terry Crews and The Muppets cruising around town in a new Highlander. This year, Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial will feature the automaker’s new star—the 2015 Toyota Camry. We don’t know a whole lot about the upcoming commercial, other than it will also star Team Toyota athlete Amy Purdy, who is both an actress and a US Paralympic Team snowboarder.

In the last few years—last year in particular—car commercials featured heavily during the Super Bowl’s commercial breaks. This year, however, Super Bowl broadcaster NBC isn’t expecting to sell as much advertising time to automakers, since there are fewer new models debuting around the time of the game. In fact, NBC isn’t expecting to sell all of its commercial time until a week or so before the game. Toyota’s announcement that it will, in fact, advertise during Super Bowl XLIX must be some welcome news for the broadcaster, then.

As we get closer to the Super Bowl in the New Year, check back to The News Wheel to see our sneak peeks of the commercials!