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[TRAILER] Heart-Pounding BMW Touring Car Movie Arriving

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Formula One racing has maintained a serious stranglehold on motorsports-related cinema for years. Apart from goofy NASCAR one-offs looking for a laugh, the majority of quality filmmakers and audiences around the world are mesmerized by Formula One racing. Just look at Ron Howard’s Rush from 2013 or the award-winning 2010 documentary on Ayrton Senna, for example.

Two up-and-coming filmmakers are on a mission to change that with their new feature-length documentary, Adrenalin: The BMW Touring Car Story.

Based on the trailer, which you can watch below, this BMW touring car movie could give a much-needed jolt of energy to touring car racing publicity and motorsport cinema as a whole.

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Exploring a Legacy of BMW Motorsports Touring Car Racing

Filmmakers Tim and Nick Hahne have become familiar with the world of motorsport racing, producing multiple shorts and feature productions documenting the subject. Their fascination for high-octane sports isn’t surprising considering the legacy of their uncle, Hubert Hahne.

The duo had developed a relationship with the BMW racing community producing 24 Hours: One Team, One Target over the last two years, which detailed BMW’s stake in the 2011 Nürburgring 24 hour race. The picture received limited release (primarily on demand and direct sales) but high praise for its quality filmmaking and portrayal of motorsports.

This November, the Hahnes will be furthering that relationship and producing a full length retrospective on the history of BMW M’s touring car racing. Adrenalin, the BMW touring car movie, will feature loads of vintage racing footage and interviews, involving stars like Johnny Cecotto, Augusto Farfus, Jens Marquardt, Andy Priaulx, Bruno Spengler, Alex Zanardi, and more.

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Heart-Pumping BMW Touring Car Movie Will Put You in the Driver’s Seat

The recently-released trailer for Adrenalin reveals some of the topics that will be explored throughout the two-hour running time of the BMW touring car movie, including:

  • The historical, intrinsic link between touring car racing and BMW sports production vehicles
  • The benefits of touring cars over other racing vehicles (such as the act of rubbing)
  • Why drivers prefer touring car racing and what drives them to compete
  • M touring car competition’s place and importance in the world of racing today

Maybe it’s the lively, vivacious electronic music in the trailer, but this BMW touring car movie doesn’t look like a documentary that intends to ever slow down.

While touring car racing might not be your “thing,” and isn’t as prevalent as NASCAR or Formula One racing in the eyes of people around the world, Adrenalin is the perfect introduction to this high-stakes competition for those wanting to learn more.

Until Adrenalin is released on Vimeo on-demand, you can watch the exciting trailer here:

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