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[VIDEO] Train Hits a Watermelon Truck, Spectators Are Worst Heroes Ever

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Train hits a watermelon truck, spectators are worst heroes ever

Train hits a watermelon truck, spectators are worst heroes ever

I just saw a strange video in which a train hits a watermelon truck (yes, that’s a thing) at a railroad crossing, and I need everyone to stop what they are doing and watch it too. Not just because it’s strangely satisfying to see a gigantic train slam into the side of a semi-truck full of watermelons (although I must say, it is strangely satisfying), but also because it is instructional in absolutely what not to do in the event of an emergency.

train hits a watermelon truck

The bloody (juicy?) aftermath caught by the noble explorers

“Hey, someone could be in that semi that’s about to be hit by a train. Let’s whip out our camera phone to film it; it’s not like we might need to call 911. Oh, dayum! It just hit it. But wait, before we call 911, let’s go investigate. I wonder if anyone’s inside. We should go check. But wait, look at all these watermelons. Those are some good watermelons. Let’s take some and get out of here.”

Check out the whole thing in the video below. (Warning: Some adult language is used.)

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