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Truck Crash Spills Thousands of Gallons of Milk, Crying Abounds

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A trucker in New Zealand had to fight back tears on September 29th when the truck he was driving, full of thousands of gallons of milk, crashed into a tree off the side of State Highway 27. According to, as much as 10,000 liters (2,641.72 gallons) was spilled before fire crews and a hazmat unit were able to arrive on scene.

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Spilled Milk

Like this, only, like, times 100,000
Image: Michael Bentley

The trucker walked away from the wreck (he was out of the somewhat smashed cab by the time fire crews arrived), but the same could not be said for the torrent of milk, oil, and diesel rapidly turning into yummy highway cheese.

Together, the fire squads and hazmat team set up fans to push back the tide of dairy from going down the drains and into the sewers (imagine the scent of rotting milk coming from every single storm drain in town) and set about sopping up the spill (we assume they used, like, a really big cookie).

Traffic was rerouted while heavy salvage equipment was called for, eventually removing the now-(we presume)-half-empty tanker (or maybe it’s half full). The spill was cleaned up, and the road was again open by 6pm (reports of the crash came in at about 9:30am).

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