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Truck Driver Discovers How Macaroni Feels

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So, we finally have an answer to the question, “What happens when a truck crashes into the back of a transport full of yellow road paint?

yellow man

Yeesh. He looks like the unfortunate new mascot for Kraft Mac and Cheese.

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This poor man was driving his KAMAZ truck down Russia’s M-4 “Don” highway, when he crashed into the back of the other, liberally coating himself and the road for about 100 feet in gallons of Dandelion Yellow.

Miraculously, both drivers were taken to the hospital without any serious injuries (apart from the emotional damage that being permanently nicknamed “Big Bird” can do to you). It’s even more amazing when you take a second look at the yellow man’s smashed cab. It looks like the whole deal just slid straight back on the truck’s frame, engine and all. If you opened the doors on that cab, the opening would probably only be a few inches across.

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All in all, everyone seems to agree that the yellow man was very lucky. As a commenter called JayHova on Jalopnik put it, “He could have dyed.”