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Truck Driver Saved by Ohio State Trooper

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Truck Driver Saved By Ohio State Trooper

When an accident happens on our nation’s freeways, the state troopers are usually the first emergency responders on the scene.

In April, Ohio State Trooper Eric Devers responded to an incident where a semi truck had run off the road. The driver stopped breathing, and through quick thinking and the help of a Good Samaritan who also stopped, Trooper Devers was able to save the trucker’s life. The Ohio State Highway Patrol just released the dramatic dash cam footage from Devers’ cruiser, and you can check it out below:

After arriving at the scene, the trooper can be seen running down the highway’s embankment and disappearing into the distressed truck’s cabin. The video captures the audio of what’s going on in the truck, as Ohio State Highway Patrolmen wear body microphones.  According to the report, Trooper Devers found the truck driver, later identified as John Depue, gasping for breath and barely able to keep his eyes open. As the patrolman implored Depue to keep breathing, the driver became unresponsive.

With the help of a passerby to help Depue sitting up, Trooper Devers administered CPR and can be heard yelling “Don’t you die on me! Come on. Come on!” in an attempt to revive him. Devers was able to stabilize the truck driver and transfer him into the care of EMTs when they arrived 12 minutes after the trooper had arrived.

On Thursday, Trooper Erick Devers was awarded with a Certificate of Recognition. According to the Highway Patrol, “In speaking with the family, medical personnel and witnesses at the scene, it is apparent the quick actions of Trooper Devers helped save the driver’s life.”

We’re grateful to patrolmen like Devers who help keep all of us safe on the roadways.

News Source: CBS News, Ohio State Highway Patrol Facebook Page