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Tweet Reveals Interior Of Google’s Self-Driving Car

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Google’s driverless car doesn’t need a steering wheel or brake pedals

By now many people have read the report of the auto-collisions they’ve been involved in, seen the videos about them on YouTube, or at the very least heard about Google’s self-driving cars, but how many people have actually seen what one looks like on the inside?

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Thanks to Washington Post reporter Matt McFarland’s recent Tweet, we finally get our first look.

All in all, there’s really not much to look at. There is no steering wheel and no brake peddles, and the flooring looks like the type of rubber mat many people have under their computer chairs. There are two cup holders for a passenger to place their Starbucks or Mountain Dew while he or she is busy typing away at their computer. There is also a large red button that could hypothetically be used for an emergency shut down.

McFarland was able to take this picture when the vehicle was shown at a school in Mountain View, California.

The vehicle is one of the cars Google is testing on public roads in California.

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