Uber is expected to pay the fine, but will appeal the suspension in order to keep operations running in their home state. A company spokesperson issued a statement shortly after the judge’s decision.

“We will appeal the decision as Uber has already provided substantial amounts of data to the California Public Utilities Commission, information we have provided elsewhere with no complaints,” said Eva Behrend. “Going further risks compromising the privacy of individual riders as well as driver-partners.”

This is just the latest obstacle encountered by the fast growing app company. They are also facing backlash from taxi drivers who say Uber is threatening their livelihood because the company employs unlicensed drivers that haven’t been required to undergo any special training or pay expensive licensing fees that are required of regular taxi drivers. Last month in France, taxi drivers blocked off busy roads in Paris and attacked Uber cars, sometimes in very violent fashion–just ask Courtney Love who was inside a SUV that was held hostage and destroyed by demonstrators.

Here’s footage from the violent anti-Uber protests in Paris that shut down the city:

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