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Uber Giving Free Rides to Drunk Canadians

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A man in Toronto uses the Uber Safe drunk driving kiosk

A man in Toronto uses the Uber Safe drunk driving kiosk

To discourage drunk driving/the notion that they’re a terrible company, Uber just pulled an interesting marketing stunt in downtown Toronto. The ridesharing car service set up a breathalyzer kiosk in the Canadian metropolis, which lets users know if they’re above the legal limit, and if they are, offers them a free Uber ride home.

(And before you get too grossed out by the idea of an entire city sharing one breathalyzer, know that the “Uber Safe” kiosk uses clean, disposable straws):

Right now, the kiosk is just being tested out in Toronto, though the company may add some to other urban centers if it proves successful there. But if you’re a Canadian and you’ve had a few too many Molsons, you many want to take advantage of this opportunity. Hell, even if you’re not wasted, if you see one of these things, you should quickly gargle some bottom-shelf gin so that you can get yourself a free Uber ride, no questions asked.

Just imagine: you’re drunk out of your mind, perhaps barely conscious, when suddenly an unlicensed driver pulls up and says, “Hop in.” What could possibly go wrong?Next-Article-Button