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Uber, Lyft, or Both: What Experienced Drivers Have to Say

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uber and lyft comparisons

Can you make more money as an Uber or Lyft driver?

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Being a rideshare driver can be a lucrative side gig. As you may already know, there are two major players in the scene—Uber and Lyft. People tend to choose one over the other, and sometimes drive for both companies.

There are some nuanced and important differences between the two. We’ll take a look at what drivers had to say about driving for each, and compare the two when it comes to efficiency and how much money you can make as a driver.

Cruising With Both

We’re going to assume that you have the possibility of driving with both, which is usually the case. Driving for both Uber and Lyft allows you to make money from one app when the other one is slower or not picking up any traction. Both of these services offer some kind of insurance and the possibility to earn some extra money on the side.

They both require that you have an up-to-date car that isn’t too old. So if you’re in the market for a new car and thinking about being a rideshare driver, don’t hesitate to checkout some new cars for dual purpose, such as a new Chrysler 300.

Let’s look at the distinctions between the two ridesharing companies that set them apart from one another. It’s important to look at a number of factors which show you where you can make more money and which is easier for you to use.

Uber & Lyft Dynamic Pricing

One of the most important distinctions between the two companies is through dynamic pricing. These can drastically affect your payout as a driver. You may be familiar with these terms as Uber Surge pricing and Lyft Prime Time.

That is when prices go up because of the large amount of people in a certain area denoted on each respective map.

Uber Surge displays its pricing through multicolored areas on a map within the Uber partner app. Surge is added to any ride requested in that vicinity. Zooming in will tell you the exact price that you’ll be extra charging riders. The rider will be able to accept the new price with the ride or deny it.

Lyft Prime Time is not as advanced as Uber Surge and can be troubling for many users, as they’ve found it difficult at times to use. The dynamic pricing doesn’t display in tiles but in squares. The Prime Time squares don’t tell you how much Prime Time is left, either. It displays this information in pink and magenta. Many riders aren’t able to tell what these stand for, either.

Overall, while this may be a small selection to consider, it is an important one as many Uber drivers will find that they are able to adequately make their money through Surge pricing over PrimeTime.

While both make easier and faster money through these services, Uber is easier to navigate and understand.

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